The Central Florida Engineers’ Week, in cooperation with several Central Florida professional engineering societies, is dedicated to promoting engineering education, expanding public recognition of our profession and celebrating engineering accomplishments.

Central Florida Engineers’ Week is made up of representatives from a variety of engineering professional societies in the Central Florida area and provides a common link between all types of engineering.  Our mission is to recognize engineering excellence and promote engineering to the public, especially to our future engineers. 

Each year during Engineers’ Week we recognize outstanding contributions to the engineering profession by projects, organizations, and individual engineers.  Professional societies throughout Central Florida begin accepting nominations for the ten different categories in early December and one application per category is forwarded to the Engineers’ Week Awards Chair in January.  Once the Engineers’ Week Awards Chair receives all nominations, an initial check for application completeness and adherence to nomination rules is performed. 

The Chair then organizes the judging committee, which includes a representative from each nominating society. Each member of the judging committee receives all applications and has approximately two weeks to evaluate and rank nominees.  After the initial evaluation period, judges meet in confidence to discuss and select winners for each category. The Engineers’ Week Committee is proud to recognize all nominees before announcing winners at the Annual Central Florida Engineers’ Week Banquet.